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Recent News: Following his 2008 WWE release Mondo won the OVW Heavyweight Championship in 2010 & 2011. In 2012 he was added to the ROH roster.
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NYWC: Aftermath
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Saturday March 22nd
Doors Open 6pm |  Bell Time 7pm
Ticket Information > Here

NYWC Championship Match
Mike Mondo [c] vs King Mega

Warriors of Wrestling: April 15th
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Beyond The Limit:
Funstation USA 3555 Victory BLVD.
Staten Island, NY 10314

See Mike and Kenny team up once again as the Spirt Squad takes on Team Torment.
Tickets can be purchased here.

NYWC Psycho Circus Results
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NYWC Commissioner Vitko came to the ring. He welcomed all the fans and thanked then for coming out in the crazy weather. He said that last month, they didn’t get the job done. He said they were supposed to have a definitive answer on who would have the advantage in the Circus. He said he could pick who he wants, he could ask the fans or they will flip a coin. He said they are going to flip a coin and called Mike Mondo to come out.

Mondo made his way to the ring. Vitko then called out Mikey Whipwreck, who came out. Mikey took the mic and said that what they need to do is really important, so they need do more than just flip a coin. He suggested something more hardcore and extreme. Mikey asked for a referee to come out and one did.

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Mikey said they were going to do an old ECW favorite, rock, paper, scissors. When they went to do it, Mikey kicked Mondo and nailed him with a Whippersnapper. Vitko declared that Mondo’s fists were closed so he did rock and Mikey made scissors when he did his trademark symbol, so Mondo has the advantage.

Psycho Circus

They have a cage on two sides of the ring. On one side, they have barbed wire wrapped around the ropes. On the remaining side are two tables with chairs atop of them.

The vacant NYWC title is hanging above the ring and the first person to grab it from a ladder is the new champion. The Tag belts are also on the line and can be won by putting the champs through a table. If one of the women pin Marti Belle, she will win the NYWC Starlet title.

Out next was Mike Mondo, who speared Stevens. He choked out Stevens with the crutch, then slammed him facefirst into a table. Stevens was tossed hard into a cage. Mondo tried to stop up onto a cinder block to get the title but was nailed by Stockade with a weapon. Stockade tried to powerbomb Vane on a cinderblocked but was bodypressed down onto it.

Mikey Whipwreck came out throwing snowballs and then tossed a big can of snow into the ring. He dumped it over Morris and then hit a whippersnapper on him. Mega then chokeslammed him into the snow. Mikey hit a dive onto Mondo on the floor. Francis nailed a dropkick into a chair on Justice.

Francis nailed Vane into Justice, then tossed him to the outside. Next out was DJ Hyde, who was attacked by Stockade. They brawled and Hyde killed him with two shots from a stop sign. Hyde worked over Stevens and whipped him into the barbed wire.

Everyone brawled. Mondo and Stockade brawled with weapons. Out for Mikey’s team was Rex Lawless, who tossed Morris into the cage, then tossed Justice in. They all brawled. Stockade worked over Justice with a barbed wire bat but missed a shot and was carved up with it.

Lawless brought a ladder into play as everyone brawled. Morris beat Stevens with a chair. Lawless bridged a ladder between the ring and the guard rail. Mikey worked over Justice with a keyboard.

Mondo set up a ladeder and climbed up trying to get the belt. Whipwreck hit Hyde with a trash can in the groin, then fishhooked his mouth with a crowbar. Mondo was attacked by Stockade, who brought him down but was hit with a Tiger Driver.

Mega went for a chokeslam but Mondo escaped and landed on the ladder, then retrieved the NYWC belt. Mondo is the champion. Mega is eliminated.

NYWC: Sideshow
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Back on the 23rd of December Mike hinted that his opponent was someone special and last night NYWC confirmed that with the announcement of his match for Sideshow.

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NYWC Draw The Line 2013: Full Match
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The full match can be viewed here.

Mike Mondo
Real Name: Mike Brendli
Ring Name: Mike Mondo
Birthday: March 26, 1983
Mini Bio: Mike debuted in June of 2002 and signed a contract with WWE in 2005 going on to debut on Raw in style="margin:4px;" align="right">January 2006. He returned to OVW in 2007, before being moved to FCW in September. His WWE release came in June of 2008, where he then returned to the independent circuit, and later returned to OVW, where he won both the OVW Television Championship and the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship in 2009. He went on to win the OVW Heavyweight Championship for the first time in mid-2010 and the second time in early 2011 as well. In January 2012 he was officially added to the ROH roster.
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